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Complete Storefront

My City Me lets you easily set up an online storefront that is truly customized to your needs. Our ecommerce storefront setup is easy and provides all the options you could possibly need for your online business. The online storefront builder uses an easy setup application were upload the storefront content and our developers will do the rest. When storefront is complete your storefront URL will be sent to you via email.

Easy Setup

Setting up your ecommerce storefront is fast and easy with the My City Me Storefront Application Setup. Filling out the few simple questions only takes a few minutes and no technical knowledge at all!

Transfer Your Existing Web Design

Migrate an existing graphic design as easily as pasting HTML into your Storefront Theme Editor at your My City Me Service Account. There is development fee for this process. Our support staff can transfer your entire web site. Please contact Customer Support or Call 347-857-8094 for this process

Low Maintenance

Product and Content changes are easy and applied within 72 business hours.

Single Source

My City Me will assist you with getting your store off the ground with a merchant services solution account, SSL certificate, web designs, and product catalogs. We can also help with keyword advertising, search engine placement, content writing, and all other forms of online marketing.

Real-Time Credit Card Processing

Process credit card payments in real-time using a payment gateway such as Authorize.Net. If you do not have a merchant account, My City Me can assist you in obtaining one for all your ecommerce credit card processing needs.


My City Me Merchant Services Solutions supports all of the PayPal payment methods.

Supported Payment Gateways

My City Me supports the following payment gateways. If you do not see your payment gateway listed,