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Set up for My City Me online storefront today with no experience, Using My City Me Storefront Setup. You add Products & Services and we do the storefront setup and design layout for you. 

Sell by using PayPal, Square or any Payment Gateway Shopping Cart.

Add sound & video descriptions to your storefront.

Custom Design Layout Storefront to match your website.

Link your storefront to your website.

Storefront Storage Hosting. Up to 50 Storefronts


                                    Sell Your Goods & Services Using A Storefront

If you're a small business owner who has a product to sell to the public, your first step will likely be setting up an online retail storefront. Online retail storefronts give you access to consumers, and can convey what your brand and products are all about to the general public.

We custom design and manage your storefront so you can concentrate on your business. You only pay the  monthly storefront  fee. This service is only for small businesses with 50 or less storefront page needs.

 Merchant Services Storefront Hosting

Basic Plan



Storefront Pages

 Hosting / Maintenance








 Monthly Service Fee

$24.99 monthly