Video Editing Services:

We are often called upon to condense and enhance existing footage in order to bring stories to life or to customize an idea. We have the tools and the skills to tell your story or Commercial! This could mean precise sound and music editing, incorporating effects, generating graphics, titles, logos, and the like.†

If you or your business has archived video and imagery that you would like to be re-presented for a new purpose, our editing services come to life and can complement new footage needed film for the project.

Just take the footage out of your camera and send it over to us. Don't waste time on sorting it out, renaming files or wiping off the dust from that old vacation video you took couple years ago. We will take care of all that in the editing room. You can use any cloud storage of your choice but we suggest either Drop-box, One Drive or Google Drive.

Once all your footage is uploaded, the project will be reviewed by our Video Editing Engineerís which is specialized in working on that particular type of project. So no matter what kind of video editing style you are after, we have just the right editor to do the job.

When we are done editing, you will hear back from us and get a direct download link. Finally you get to enjoy a nicely crafted video which you can share with your friends & family, YouTube subscribers or perhaps with your customers. If you plan on using the video for commercial purposes donít worry we give you the copyrights.

Start the process now by giving My City Me a call at 210-645-5804.

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