Submit Website Maintenance Work

If you are a new customer, you can start here and submit a new project to us. If you already have an account with us, then you should first login and submit your work there where you can use any Maintenance Blocks that you may have on account.

Quick Instructions:

1. Please enter your domain name below. This is used to manage your account so that we can have the FTP or login information for this website on file.

2. Below, you can provide us the details of the work you need done. Please list the URL / web page address of each page and then enter what specific tasks you need done. Please only put one thing to be done in each task.

If you are creating a new page,  just put in the URL in the home page of your website and title it new page.

Under each task is a place to upload files that relate to that task. These can be documents, images, Microsoft word document files or even screenshots that help us understand what you want us to do. Place web codes in note pad.

3. When you are finished with one page, you can add more pages along with more tasks.